class Connection(peer, target_name: str, sock: socket.socket, buffer_size: int, **kwargs)

Bases: peerpy.event_handler.EventHandler

close(force: bool = False)

Closes the connection nicely.

  • force (bool, optional) – whether to force close the connection.
  • setting should be considered dangerous, as data can be lost. Defaults to False. (This) –

Returns whether this connection is closed.

Returns:a boolean indicating whether the connection is closed.
Return type:bool

Returns the data type each peers have agreed on for this connection.

Returns:the string representation of the data type
Return type:str
send(data: Any)

Send data to the target peer, serializing it to this connection’s default data format.

Parameters:data (Any) – the data to serialize and send.
Raises:ValueError – if this connection’s default format is bytes and the data is not bytes
Returns:whether data was successfully sent.
Return type:bool

Attempts to start this connection’s main thread, if not already running.